20 Tips To Motivate A Failed Or Rejected Person

It can be difficult to inspire someone who has experienced rejection since everyone handles rejection differently. However, the following tactics could be useful.

Offer emotional assistance

Be understanding and empathetic to the person. Tell them it's normal to experience disappointment, hurt, or discouragement after receiving a rejection. Give them your ear while also encouraging them to voice their emotions.

Accept Their Feelings

Validate their sentiments by expressing understanding for their irritation, despair, or rage. Assist them in realising that it's normal to have these feelings, but also stress the value of not wallowing in them for too long.

Encourage reflection on oneself

Encourage the individual to think back on their experience and pinpoint any areas where they can grow or apply the rejection's lessons. Encourage them to view rejection as a chance for personal development.

Describe Their Strong Points

Remind the person of their special talents, positive traits, and previous successes. Focus on their strengths and abilities to boost their self-confidence.

Set attainable objectives

Assist the person in establishing attainable goals that are consistent with their interests and capabilities. To foster a sense of progress and achievement, divide the goals into smaller, more attainable tasks.

Provide constructive criticism

If necessary, offer constructive criticism to help them identify areas where their abilities or strategies might be improved. Encourage them to view criticism as a useful tool for self-improvement.

Share Your Successes

Share examples of successful people who overcame adversity by persevering and achieving their objectives. These true tales might inspire you and show you that failure need not spell the end of your dreams.

Encourage tenacity and perseverance

Stress the value of persistence and tenacity in the face of obstacles. Remind them that many people who are successful have been rejected numerous times before achieving their goals.

Offer Real-World Assistance

Give them useful assistance, like networking for them, checking their portfolios or resumes, or helping them locate new possibilities. Be a resource for them or put them in touch with people who might be able to offer advice or mentorship.

Honour little victories

Celebrate each step of the way's milestones and triumphs, no matter how modest they may be. As a result, confidence and motivation are maintained.

Encourage skill growth and learning

Encourage the individual to see rejection as a chance for growth and learning. Aid them in locating opportunities to learn new information or develop their abilities. Encourage them to enrol in classes, go to workshops, or look for a mentor to help them develop their skills.



Encourage a Positive Environment

Make the environment encouraging and supportive for the person. Surround them with uplifting and supportive people who can inspire and motivate them. Avoid being negative or harsh with your criticism as this will only serve to lower their spirits.

Consider upcoming opportunities

Change the person's attention from obsessing on past rejection to focusing on potential prospects. Help them understand that being rejected is only one setback and that there are still a tonne of opportunities out there for them to seize.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Encourage the person to develop a positive mindset by using mindfulness techniques, gratitude, or positive affirmations. Help them change the way they think so they can view rejection as a turning point for something greater.

Prompt People to Take Action

Encourage the individual to go above and beyond to achieve their objectives. Assist them in developing an action plan, setting due dates, and holding themselves responsible. Regaining control and motivation might be aided by taking action.

Describe Your Own Experiences

Tell about your own rejection stories and how you handled them. This can reassure them that they are understood and make them aware that rejection is a normal part of life.

Give examples to follow

Introduce the person to accomplished people who overcame adversity to accomplish their goals. This can motivate them and serve as a reminder that despite early disappointments, success is still achievable.

Salute Your Resilience

Applaud the individual for having the fortitude to endure rejection. Emphasize their efforts and the actions they took to recover. This acknowledgment may increase their motivation and self-confidence.

Encourage effective coping mechanisms

The person should be encouraged to use constructive coping mechanisms because rejection can be emotionally taxing. This can involve engaging in self-care activities such as exercising, journaling, and talking to loved ones if necessary.

Reiterate Their Worth

Remind the individual of their inherent value and worth. Help them understand that rejection in one area doesn't affect their potential or worth overall. Encourage them to concentrate on their best traits and strengths.


Throughout the process, keep in mind to be empathetic, supportive, and patient. The idea is to customize your approach to the requirements and characteristics of the individual because everyone reacts to rejection differently.